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Save time, money and do good for the planet.

We know eco-friendly and sustainable products can sometimes be a little costly, therefore inaccessible for many businesses. With the increasing costs to maintain a COVID-Safe work place, it’s hard to justify spending a little extra for the best quality and sustainable products.

That’s why we work hard to make sure our shop always has the best price, without compromising on product quality and purpose. Feel safe in the workplace, feel good helping the planet and girls education, without breaking the bank.

Stay tuned to see what we have planned!

We’re not just stopping at providing office essentials either. According to the The Transport Opinion Survey conducted by the University of Sydney, more Australians want to work from home an average of two days per week after the COVID-19 pandemic.

This behaviour means that we need to consider additional health and well-being factors when working from home. We’re working with health and wellbeing businesses to build a Working From Home Essentials Bundle.

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What our customers say

I was impressed when my Office Essentials packaged arrived. It had everything I needed to set up my office so my team can feel safe coming back to work.

Tanya P

The ordering process was super easy and now we have everything we need without having to worry about restocking every once in a while

Melony K

I like the range of products that Office Health has. In preparation for returning to the office I bought some hand sanitisers and tissues. I love that they're organic and sustainable!

Christine G

We’ll take care of the essentials so you don’t have to